Our History

It all started back in the mid 2000’s when Master Builder Klaus Thomas made the bold decision to leave the ship building industry and open a furniture design and manufacturing company. He set up “The Shop” in his garage and inspired by an appreciation for contemporary design and a huge furniture contract he began manufacturing chairs, desks, sofas and tables. Thus, Klaus Art Design was born!

After a year of overcoming complaints from the homeowners association and his wife, Klaus relocated “The Shop” to a prefab building. He was on to something big as the contracts started to pour in. Within a year Klaus Art Design outgrew its space and was forced to relocate to a larger location in an El Cajon industrial park.

A lot has changed since those early days. Klaus Art Design now has two styles of furnishings- one contemporary and one rustic design. Our distribution has expanded from yachts to private homes, restaurants and bars throughout Southern California and the Mid-West.

One thing that has not changed is the Klaus Art Design’s commitment to high quality and sustainable furniture at a competitive price.

Klaus Thomas, CEO

Our Founder

Klaus Thomas was destined to create and design. Born in 1957 in Heilbronn, Germany, he spent his time playing and working of the grounds of his father’s knife manufacturing plant. At the age of 19, Klaus left to attend Holzfachschule (College) in Germany where he specialized in “wood cell technology”. He eventually went on to earn a Technical Engineering Degree in ship building. In 1991 Klaus boarded a plane and flew to California for a holiday. He fell in love with the California sunshine and mild winter temperatures. Smitten and warm, he made California his home. It was only a matter of time before he started using his German education to engineer furniture from with natural woods, metals and stainless steel; thus creating the edgy “brew house furniture” line.

Patricia Thomas, CEO - Co Founder

Patricia was raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania into a family of educators and engineers. Bucking the trend, she decided to pursue a career in medicine. When she married Klaus, she made it her mission to be interested in whatever interested her husband, whether it was ship building or furniture making. “I was not a business person and knew nothing about running a business”. As CEO and Co-founder, Patricia now manages Klaus Art Design’s office, accounting and bookkeeping. As all women know, “No man succeeds without a good woman behind him”.